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Sustainable Initiatives

The environment is very important to all of us at CakeSafe, LLC. We are constantly striving to make changes that reduce waste, both in our headquarters and once our customers receive their orders. The products that we invent and manufacture are also typically reusable alternatives to disposable versions.

Scrap Materials

We upcycle our scrap material into new products and prototypes. We pay a local specialty recycling collection company to recycle the scrap pieces that are too small or are unusable for prototypes and new products.


We eliminated styrofoam from our packaging. It has been replaced with recyclable & biodegradable cardboard. We also reuse the packaging from incoming material orders and packages. For in house waste, we purchase TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes to recycle our typically non-recyclable office & shipping waste (ex: shiny paper left behind after removing shipping label stickers).

And more...

We use desiccant in some of our machinery. Instead of throwing it away after use, like most companies do, we dry it out and reuse it. We are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability score, and hope to add more initiatives soon!