What size CakeSafe should I buy?

The CakeSafe comes in 11 sizes so that we can accommodate all our bakers’ needs. Take into account these factors to determine the best size for you: 1. How tall are each of your tiers? 2. How many tiers do you have? Multiply the number of tiers by the height of each tier. 3. Are your tiers stacked or is there space between the tiers? 4. How thick is your cake base? 5. How wide is your cake base? The first 4 measurements will give you the minimum height you need your CakeSafe to be. The 5th measurement will give you the minimum width you need your CakeSafe to be. Ex: 3 tiers x’s 6 inches per tier = 18 inches Then add one inch or more to account for your cake boards & base. You will need a CakeSafe with an internal height of at least 19 inches. The most important information to consider when deciding which CakeSafe to purchase is what the dimensions are. These dimensions are clearly indicated on each product page as well as on the chart in each image gallery.
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Every CakeSafe brand product is made by us in The Ocean State. We use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.
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