What is a CakeSafe?

"The most ingenious product on the market! Easy setup and the cake is very safe! When I put the rod in I have a sigh of relief ahhhh! 🤗" - Jeanne T.
Our company's namesake product is The CakeSafe Box! It was born out of necessity in 1989 when Scott Chapin invented the box for his wife Juli's baking business. The CakeSafe is an insulated cake box that protects cakes from heat, bumpy roads, tipping, slammed brakes and so much more. Using a CakeSafe is the safest and most stress-free way to deliver a cake to a venue.

How Do CakeSafes Work?

The durable materials used to create the CakeSafe, and the way it's constructed, make for years of stress-free deliveries. The 3/8" thick, food grade, stainless steel center dowel runs through your cake, cardboard between tiers, and cake drum. With your cake in the CakeSafe box, the rod runs from the top of the box, through your cake, and into the base of the box. This keeps your cake secure and safe from bumps, tipping, and slammed brakes. The sides are double-walled which insulates the cake from heat. When the CakeSafe is fully assembled, your cake is nearly impervious to all outside conditions.
DOWELS: Use perimeter dowels but leave out your center dowel. The CakeSafe's center rod replaces your center dowel. The only time a cake needs a center dowel is when it's being moved. Once you remove your cake from the CakeSafe at the venue you can slide a center dowel into the small hole left by the CakeSafe's rod. This is not necessary, but can provide peace of mind, especially if the cake is displayed on the dance floor or in a high traffic area. CAKE BOARDS & BASES: It is important for the CakeSafe's center rod to make its own hole through your cake boards. That's what keeps your cake so stable! Cake Boards Between Tiers - If you are using cardboard or foam core cake boards, do not put holes in them ahead of time. The center rod will go through them easily. If your cake boards are coated in plastic or are made from a material that a fork cannot pierce through, please make 2 inch holes in your cake boards. If you are making holes, you will need to add cardboard or foam core cake boards between your cake and the boards you made the holes in. This is so the CakeSafe rod will have something to make it's own hole in for stability. Cake Drums / Bases - If your cake drums are 1/2 inch thick or thinner and made from a material that a fork can pierce through, do not make a hole ahead of time. If your cake drums are made from a material that a fork cannot pierce through (wood, metal, plastic) you will need to make a 2 inch hole in them ahead of time and place a cardboard or foam core cake board between your cake and the drum/base with the premade hole. Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions!
The CakeSafe comes in 11 sizes so that we can accommodate all our bakers’ needs. Take into account these factors to determine the best size for you: 1. How tall are each of your tiers? 2. How many tiers do you have? Multiply the number of tiers by the height of each tier. 3. Are your tiers stacked or is there space between the tiers? 4. How thick is your cake base? 5. How wide is your cake base? The first 4 measurements will give you the minimum height you need your CakeSafe to be. The 5th measurement will give you the minimum width you need your CakeSafe to be. Ex: 3 tiers x’s 6 inches per tier = 18 inches Then add one inch or more to account for your cake boards & base. You will need a CakeSafe with an internal height of at least 19 inches. The most important information to consider when deciding which CakeSafe to purchase is what the dimensions are. These dimensions are clearly indicated on each product page as well as on the chart in each image gallery.
The only visible hole left in the cake is on the top and is about the size of your pinky finger - 3/8th inch. It is easily covered with either a cake topper or a dab of frosting. For fondant cakes you can easily make the hole disappear within a piece of fondant or fondant gunge.
Each of the 4 walls of the CakeSafe is double-walled, using a similar material used to keep greenhouses insulated. We’ve done extensive tests, and a cake that was refrigerated overnight will be kept cool for many hours in the CakeSafe. Cakes should not be frozen for use in a CakeSafe, and you should not put ice or dry ice inside your CakeSafe. If you have a delivery that will span multiple days, email [email protected] to talk about how best to use a CakeSafe. If your drive is less than 1 hour, let the cake warm up a tad outside of the refrigerator (10 to 20 mins) before putting it in the CakeSafe. This is because the CakeSafe keeps cakes surprisingly cold, and you don’t want guests to be munching on a cold cake at the venue!
The CakeSafe works extremely well for Display or Competition cakes, or cakes with a combination of real and dummy tiers. Whenever you're using the CakeSafe with dummy layers/tiers, you need to put a large enough hole through the middle of the Styrofoam dummy so that the 3/8” center rod will slide through it easily. We've found the best method for this is using a hand held apple corer. The hole can be anywhere from ½” to 2” wide. A very sharp knife will work, but it's a little messy. Cake dummies are available with the hole already drilled at Once you've made the hole, attach a cardboard disk to the bottom for the dummy tier WITHOUT making a hole in it. Very important; NO HOLE IN THE CARDBOARD. The reason is, you want the CakeSafe center rod to have to make it's own hole through the cardboard just as if it were a real cake tier. The snug fit of the rod through the cardboard is what holds all the tiers so securely! You can attach the cardboard to the bottom of the dummy using a heat glue gun, double sided tape, royal icing, regular icing, anything that will hold it in place until you assemble the cake. Then just like a real cake, everything will stay "put" in place.
We spent years developing and patenting the absolute best cake transportation system on the market. Every material was meticulously chosen to be rugged, but also lightweight. CakeSafe Boxes are made in our USA headquarters so we can assure the highest quality is upheld in every step of the manufacturing process. We make them to last! CakeSafe boxes are an investment, but will save you money over time since they are nearly endlessly reusable. Our customers say that their CakeSafe boxes are typically paid off with 2 cake orders. When you compare the price of disposable cardboard cake boxes with the price of one CakeSafe Box, the savings add up quickly. After 100 cake deliveries a CakeSafe will have saved you over $1,000 compared to buying a cardboard box each time. Like a stand mixer, a CakeSafe is a necessary piece of equipment for the efficiency of your baking business, and will pay for itself quickly. If you live in the USA, you can user AfterPay at checkout. It will automatically split your payment into 4, interest-free!
The video below shows how easy it is to use a CakeSafe Box. We also recommend joining the Facebook Group called CakeSafe Crusaders to see our customers deliveries, and have the opportunity to ask the CakeSafe Community questions. If you want to save time, money, and stress it's time to invest in a CakSafe!